Some quotes from TASC Members and their carers:

“I come here to chat and socialise”, Debbie

“I love it here”, Karen

“I like chatting with the staff”, Richard

“I like TASC because I can use computers and the internet”, Ashleigh

“I like working in Candy Bar, our tuck shop, it keep me busy. I enjoy doing the cashing up at the end of the day” Derek

"What strikes us the most is how wonderful and professional the escorts male and female are, come rain, snow they are still happy in what they do. Well done, good luck for many years to come."

"Couldn't be happier with all you do in the Centre. All the staff are lovely and approachable "

"The staff in the unit are really friendly, helpful and approachable. My staff team are new to this service but have all commented on how nice TASC staff are and have made them welcome"